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Cough Assist Breathing Systems
Lung clearance
A range of face masks, breathing systems and kits for use within the home environment.
QuadraLiteTM masks
A truly unique face mask
The QuadraLite is a soft and comfortable mask with a  exible seal that is available in four sizes to  t all patients.
The innovative anatomically shaped masks offer a light, clear, single use alternative to the reusable rubber masks and the plastic cushion masks.
The range of four sizes incorporates a colour-coded soft seal for easy selection and provides a superior airtight seal over a wide range of faces.
These phthalate-free non-PVC masks have a smaller volume resulting in reduced dead space.
The greener, safer choice
QuadraLite masks are manufactured from polypropylene and thermoplastic elastomer, contain no PVC and are phthalate-free
Transparent shell
For excellent visibility
Soft seal
A comfortable airtight  t with  exibility for different face sizes
Anatomical shape
Provides a precise  t combined with lower dead space
Colour matching with other Intersurgical products for easy selection
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about QuadraliteTM
Box Qty.
7194000 QuadraLite, large adult, anaesthetic mask, with green cushion and hook ring, 22F (replaces traditional mask size 5–6)
7193000 QuadraLite, medium adult, anaesthetic mask, with yellow cushion and hook ring, 22F (replaces traditional mask size 3–5)
7192000 QuadraLite, small adult, anaesthetic mask, with white cushion and hook ring, 22F (replaces traditional mask size 2–3)
7191000 QuadraLite, infant, anaesthetic mask, with grey cushion, 15M (replaces traditional mask size 0–1)
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