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Humidi cation chambers
An integral part of the breathing system, the humidi cation chamber allows it to interface with the heated humidi er base. The range consists of three chamber options for use with humidi er bases. Simply slide the chamber into position on the hot plate of the base controller allowing the inspiratory gas to pass over the heated water. Chambers can be purchased individually or as part of a breathing system package.
The auto  ll humidi cation chamber offers a  xed level
of water within the chamber, ensuring a constant system volume. This, coupled with the strong polycarbonate body
and non compressible  oat, ensures that adverse changes in system compliance are reduced to a minimum. The chamber provides optimum humidi cation output without compromising resistance to  ow, the new dual  oat, dual valve design provides further assurance of reliability.
Inline  lter
Prevents any debris entering the chamber
Dual valve
For added security
Clearly visible water
level indicator
Easy to see for instant accurate  uid level assessment
Advanced dual  oat design
The closed cell material of the primary  oat ensures a totally reliable unsinkable rigid mechanism, whilst the secondary  oat provides added security
2310000 2320000
Protective cassette
Protects the chamber from contamination and conveniently stores the  ll set before use
Strong polycarbonate clear material Improved compliance characteristics. Allows for easy visual assessment of the  uid level at all times
Shrouded heated plate cover Prevents accidental burns when removing the chamber from the heater base
Code Description
2310000 Auto  ll humidi cation chamber with  ll set
2320000 Manual  ll humidi cation chamber with  ll set and clamp 2340000 Medium manual  ll humidi cation chamber
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