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Tube management programme
A full range of tube management options that when used in conjunction with Intersurgical breathing systems allows the clinician to position our products ef ciently and comfortably around the patient area. These help to provide a safe and tidy environment reducing the risk of disconnection and patient trauma.
Intersurgical tube clips, 22F red safety cap and the humidi cation chamber  ll set spike cover are designed to interface with the Intersurgical tube management grip and the tube management clip via a notch feature.
Tube clips are available to  t our Smoothbore and FlextubeTM breathing systems with options available for 10mm, 15mm, 22mm and 30mm single and dual limb breathing systems.
Tube clips 10mm, 15mm, Red safety cap or
22mm, 30mm
humidi cation chamber  ll set spike cover
Notch feature interfaces with
Tube holder
Tube management clip
Tube management grip
Our ergonomically designed tube holder is a neat way of supporting a breathing system close to the patient. Available in two sizes the tube support ef ciently holds in place 10, 15, 22 and 30mm tube with a smaller groove to grip monitoring lines and cables. The  exible neck is easily positioned to take the strain of the breathing system away from the patient.
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