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Filters for equipment protection
Designed for protection of equipment and the environment from contamination at the machine end.
Low resistance  lter
The Flo-Guard breathing  lter is designed to be used at the machine- end of a breathing system to protect the patient and machine against cross contamination, while maintaining a low resistance across a wide range of  ow rates.
The low resistance makes it an ideal  lter for use in both the hospital and home setting, where high  ow rates may potentially be used; this includes CPAP, Bilevel and CoughAssist® applications.
The Flo-Guard provides an excellent bacterial and viral  ltration ef ciency whilst offering a low resistance to  ow even at very high  ow rates.
Box Qty.
Bacterial and viral  ltration ef ciency Resistance at 30L/min
Resistance at 60L/min Resistance at 90L/min Resistance at 120L/min Resistance at 150Lmin Resistance at 180L/min Resistance at 210L/min Resistance at 240L/min Compressible volume
Box Qty.
Bacterial and viral  ltration ef ciency Resistance to  ow at 30L/min Resistance to  ow at 60L/min Compressible volume
Electrostatic  lter media
Providing an excellent  ltration ef ciency
Clear housing
For good visibility
Large surface area
To reduce resistance to  ow
Conical shape
To aid air ow
1690000 NEW 50 >99.99% 0.4 cm H2O 0.8cm H2O 1.4cm H2O 2.0cm H2O 2.7cm H2O 3.4cm H2O 4.3cm H2O 5.1cm H2O 80ml
28g 22F-22M
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1790000 (S*)
50 (40*) >99.9999% 0.7cm H2O 1.7cm H2O 120ml 56g 22F-22M/15F
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Please note: this product is contraindicated for use at the patient connection end of the breathing system.
The Air-Guard Clear  lter is a hydrophobic pleated membrane  lter designed for the protection of oxygen concentrator machines and other respiratory equipment.
The Air-Guard Clear  lter will function as a microbial  lter when used
to protect oxygen concentrator machines or when used in breathing systems to protect equipment from contamination. Its  ltration effectiveness has been tested in accordance with the test method described in ISO EN 23328 - Part 1. It offers HEPA performance and has been independently tested to determine effectiveness against viruses and bacteria.
This product excels as a bacterial and viral  lter and can be used as such in a respiratory system providing the maximum period of use is 24 hours, which corresponds to the usual protocols and procedures concerning breathing  lters.
Respiratory system protection
Expiratory 22F
< 24 hours
Oxygen concentrator protection
Entrained air
Sterile option available
(S*) Add an S to the seven digit code number for the sterile version of this product eg. 5000000S (sterile box quantity is shown in brackets). CoughAssist is a registered trade mark of Respironics, Inc.
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