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AquaFlowTM oxygen bubble humidi ers
A comprehensive range of devices for delivering 'unheated' humidi cation to your patients. Designed to accept either re llable or Baxter® pre- lled sterile water bottles, the AquaFlow range of bubble humidi ers are suitable
for patients receiving variable oxygen therapy.
Oxygen Therapy • Oxygen Bubble Humidi ers
        1506000             1507000             1505000             1521000
1506000 AquaFlow, oxygen bubble humidi er without bottle
1507000 AquaFlow, oxygen bubble humidi er with bottle, 500ml
1505000 AquaFlow, oxygen bubble humidi er with bottle plus M12 adaptor, 500ml 1521000 AquaFlow, homecare oxygen bubble humidi er with bottle, 120ml
1520000 AquaFlow, homecare bubble humidi er with bottle plus M12 adaptor, 120ml
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Flowmeter adaptors
Oxygen therapy  owmeters are available with a variety of connection types. The Intersurgical range of adaptors has been designed to permit the attachment of humidi cation devices with 9/16 UNF (D.I.S.S) threaded couplings to a variety of  owmeter types.
Please download the explanatory poster entitled Oxygen Therapy Flowmeters to choose the most suitable adaptor for your application: owmeter-adaptors
1508001 Sure LocTM  owmeter adaptor 1506001 BOC®  owmeter adaptor 1509001 Flowmeter adaptor M12 1504001 Oxygen  owmeter nipple D.I.S.S 1505001 Oxygen  owmeter nipple M12
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Baxter is a trademark of Baxter International Inc. BOC is a trademark of the BOC Group Ltd.
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Box Qty.
Box Qty.
45 50 50 50 50
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