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Breathing Systems • Breathing System with Exhalation Valve
Single limb breathing systems designed for hospital and home
The single limb breathing system with exhalation valve range has been designed with the patient in mind. This range features our exhalation valve popular for its user friendly characteristics and exceptional design. It is fully compatible with the majority of home care ventilators.
Swivel patient connection Improves mobility and patient comfort
Balloon valve efficiently adjusts pressure
In line with ventilator requirements
Lightweight body
Reduced traction on the patient connection
Innovative design
Reducing the number of components used
Ergonomic profile and design
More discreet and less cumbersome
Exhalation holes
To allow efficient patient exhalation and fluid drainage
Low resistance to flow
Improves inspiratory and expiratory work of breathing
Each valve is individually tested, and its performance recorded To ensure consistent quality and full traceability
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