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"Skin prevalence audits revealed annual increases in incidence of pressure ulcers of the ear"(1)

Intersurgical EcoLiteTM Oxygen mask - The world’s lightest and most comfortable oxygen mask

  • Under ear elastic positon eliminates trauma to top of ears
  • Soft face seal
  • Light weight




The Intersurgical EcoLite™ adult oxygen range features an extra chin section incorporating two integral seals ensuring that the mask fits a wide range of face shapes. 
The masks retaining elastic can be fitted either above or below the patient's ear depending on the patient's face shape; in the prefered below ear position it eliminates the discomfort and longer-term trauma created by elastic to the top of the patient's ears.

Watch the video, download the information sheet or visit the product page for further information.


Intersurgical nasal cannula with ear guards - Reduce trauma

  • Soft silicone foam cushions
  • Easily adjustable
  • Securely fitted
  • Non-allergenic




Intersurgical's nasal cannula with ear guards is designed to prevent trauma to the patient's ears.

The ear guard has soft silicone foam cushions, which are easily adjusted and securely fitted.

Watch the
video or visit the product page for further information.

*Incidence, Correlates, And Interventions Used For Pressure Ulcers of the Ear.

Mary Ann Turjanica, Lynn Clark, Christine Martini, Pauline Miller, Barbra L. Turner, and Susan Jones.
Medsurg Nursing. September-October 2011 • Vol. 20/No. 5 • P241-246
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