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Patient Connections

A range of catheter mounts and elbows for secure connection of the patient to the breathing system.

We have catheter mounts available in three tube types: Flextubeâ„¢, Smoothbore and Intersurgical Supersetâ„¢, all available with a variety of elbow connections and ports for all applications.
The concertina design of the Superset catheter mount provides complete positional control, which allows for the adjustment of dead space from 20-40ml and an extendable length range of 70-150mm (excluding connectors).
Smoothbore catheter mounts provide good flow characteristics, lower tubing compliance and clear, crush-resistant tubing.
All ranges are available in a variety of tube lengths with double swivel elbows and double flip-top caps.
We offer a comprehensive range of elbows supplied with fixed connections or with a double swivel for extra mobility, in a large variety of configurations. To improve patient safety the ISO tapers allow for a push-twist connection/disconnection method, as recommended by many anaesthetic organisations.
Ports and caps are available on a variety of products including catheter mounts, elbows, T-pieces, Y-pieces and connectors. All Intersurgical port caps are fixed to the port connectors to ensure that they cannot be misplaced in use.
Luer ports are available for secure attachment of gas sampling lines with luer lock fittings.  7.6mm port and flip-top cap are available for insertion of all standard 7.6mm probes or for suctioning.  Double flip-top cap with seal are available for bronchoscopy and suction ports in one patient connection. Watch a video which demonstrates our full range.  
Visit our dedicated product pages for further information about our catheter mount and elbow ranges.

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