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Safety by design

The Intersurgical range of breathing systems and filters have been designed with a primary focus upon improving patient safety and minimising risk.


All Intersurgical breathing filters and breathing systems have a tethered and brightly coloured luer port cap to avoid any risk of occlusion or harm to the patient. Additionally, breathing systems are supplied with a red safety cap at the patient connection of the breathing system to reduce the possibility of loose plastic objects entering the breathing system when not in use.

Our range of filters and breathing systems are compliant with recent guidance to ensure all breathing system components have either ports with tethered caps or no port.mad

A recent National Patient Safety Alert (NaPSA) has identified that some breathing system components with untethered caps are still available to purchase.
The alert found that loose items unintentionally introduced into the airway during intubation, ventilation or advanced airway management can lead to partial or complete airway blockage. In a recent six year period, five incidents were identified where a foreign body was aspirated, and a further four incidents where the foreign body was identified during intubation and then removed.
Please see our website for more information about our range of breathing systems and breathing filters.

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