New respiratory hood video

New respiratory hood video

Our updated video for the CaStar R NIV hood is now available.

Featuring the latest design hood and describing the best use of the new sealed access ports, our new video can be viewed on our product page, education page and also on our dedicated StarMed landing page.

Respiratory hoods have been identified as an optimal tool for reducing the risk of cross infection, and one of the most popular products is the CaStar R NIV hood.

Generally used on a mechanical ventilator for delivering NImV (non-invasive mechanical ventilation), CaStar R is a versatile interface that can also be used to provide optimal CPAP therapy via a constant flow generator and a mechanical PEEP valve. Owing to the semi-closed environment design and the virtually leak-free seal, all expired gas from the patient is evacuated from the internal volume through the expiratory limb of the hood, which can be fitted with a bacterial/viral filter.  To enable the CaStar R hood to be used for a variety of applications, please view the NIV hoods accessory website page.

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