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StarMed respiratory products for use with COVID-19 patients

Respiratory hoods have been identified as an optimal tool for treating COVID-19 patients, thanks to the interface's superior comfort and the semi-closed environment design, providing an advantage to the patient and caregivers.

As the pandemic continues to put global healthcare systems under a lot of strain and the usual therapy equipment and personnel may not be available, we have developed kits that include CaStar hoods along with a number of accessories for different configurations.

The kits have been widely appreciated by end users because of their simplicity and flexibility of therapy activation. Two new information sheets and a new video have been produced to explain the various configurations available for each kit. 
To help you easily locate all StarMed products suitable for the treatment with COVID-19 patients, including the kits, we have produced a new website page found under the Critical Care group.
You can view the full StarMed range on the dedicated website page, and read clinical evidence on the range on our online database and for further information please make an enquiry.

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