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Product Guidelines
Products within this catalogue are recommended as suitable for use in the care of Neonatal and Paediatric patients, which covers the following:
• Neonatal: Pre-term to one month • Infant: Full term to one year
• Child: One year to puberty
This product guideline is based upon patient weights < 40kg
A guide to our tube types
We manufacture a variety of tubes to suit different applications and clinical requirements:
FlextubeTM – for  exibility
Most of our breathing systems, plus our Flexible range of catheter mounts, are made from Intersurgical Flextube. This  exible tube has a unique clip feature ensuring an airtight  t when used with our connectors with a recess.
Smoothbore – for improved  ow characteristics
We have a range of breathing systems and catheter mounts made from Smoothbore tubing. A non–PVC Eco option is also available providing a lower environmental impact. The clear crush resistant tubing offers improved ventilatory support with:
• Improved  ow characteristics • Lower tubing compliance
• Lower system volume
CompactTM and SupersetTM – extendable tube
Compact breathing systems and Superset catheter mounts are made using extendable tubing, allowing the length to be changed to suit the clinical situations, and positioned as required, with multiple possibilities ideal for head and neck surgery. Supplied in compressed form to increase the number of systems per box, the Compact tube offers signi cant cost, storage and disposal savings compared to other breathing systems.
Anti-microbial breathing systems – reduce risks
In the continued  ght against Hospital Acquired Infections, Intersurgical has developed the Silver KnightTM range of products with an anti-microbial additive to further enhance patient safety. This anti-microbial, silver-based ion additive has been introduced to a range of breathing systems for both anaesthesia and intensive care use. Testing
to ISO Standard 22196 shows a reduction in bacterial viable count by 99.9% against controls.
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