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  We have put together an Absorbents Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) document which includes the questions listed below.  To review the answers please click on the FAQ button below to open the PDF document, then click on the relevant question on the title page to navigate to the corresponding answer.  If you have further questions please contact us.



1.  What are the differences and benefits between Spherasorb and
     standard soda lime?

2.  What are the differences and benefits between LoFloSorb and
     standard soda lime?

3.  Why don’t Intersurgical absorbents contain Calcium Chloride?

4.  How long does the CO
2 absorbent last?

5.  Is colour change a reliable indicator of exhaustion and when to
     change the CO
2 absorbent?

6.  Why does the exhausted colour fade and/or disappear

7.  Can CO
2 absorbents be regenerated?

8.  How does LoFloSorb absorb CO
2 without any alkali hydroxide?

9.  How does LoFloSorb achieve a stable colour change?

10. Why does moisture build up, especially during low flow

11.  What is the recommended disposal method for CO

12.  Are there transport restrictions for CO
2 absorbents?

13.  What is the benefit of a spherical shape.

14.  Are Intersurgical CO
2 absorbents compatible with all volatile
       anaesthetics and can they be used at minimal/basal fresh gas

    15.  What causes reaction with volatile anaesthetics?

16.  Why do only very dry CO
2 absorbents react with volatile

17.  What is the critical level of dryness of the CO
2 absorbent at
       which reactions with volatile anaesthetics can occur?

18.  Does normal use of absorbents within anaesthesia cause
       drying out?

19. How can drying out of CO
2 absorbents be avoided?

20. Is it really necessary to use absorbents without any alkali-
      hydroxide to ensure safety with volatile anaesthetics?

21. What are the storage condition limits?

22. Is there a maximum time by which an absorber should be
      discarded regardless of degree of use?

23. Which is the better to use, Spherasorb or LoFloSorb?

24. What are the chemical reaction involved in absorbing CO

25. What is a sodium zeolite?

26. How does Sodium Zeolite act as a pH buffer in Spherasorb?

27. How does Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) enable a greater
      carbon dioxide capacity compared to Alkali-hydroxide-free

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