Introducing the SmartCan™

Introducing the SmartCan™

The SmartCan™ is our easy to use 1.6L pre-filled disposable CO₂ absorber for use in anaesthesia.

The SmartCan™ absorbs carbon dioxide within an anaesthetic breathing system and provides a further option for customers who have made the choice to use pre-fills. It offers a fast and easy exchange, an efficient CO₂ absorption, an air-tight seal for storage, and no dust emission.

The SmartCan™ is available with Spherasorb™ a medical grade soda lime with a white to violet and pink to white colour change, or with LoFloSorb™ a medical grade CO₂ absorbent that contains no alkali hydroxide with a green to violet colour change.

The SmartCan is compatible with the GE Healthcare®, anaesthesia, Carestation® 650™, Carestation® 620™, Carestation® 650c Pendant™ Carestation® 650c Wall Mount™ and Carestation 750™.

It is essential that the user follows both the instructions for use of the appropriate GE Carestation and also the instructions for use supplied with each box of Intersurgical SmartCan absorbers.  For full details of how to attach and use the SmartCan, please refer to instructions for use.

For further information visit the product page to review the information sheet and product video, or make an enquiry.

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