Active heated wire breathing system

Intersurgical have a complete range of Flextube™ bilevel breathing systems compatible with turbine driven bilevel machines that require a single limb breathing system.

Our bilevel products offer breathing system solutions with CO2 leak port for use with standard NIV (Non-invasive Ventilation) masks, and systems without CO2 leak port for use with ported NIV masks. Breathing systems without proximal airway pressure monitoring lines are also available for those machines that do not require this feature.

Breathing systems in this range are suitable for adult and paediatric patients where specified. Because of the high flows used in bilevel treatments, the best solution for adult ventilation, with active humidification, is a 30mm Flextube breathing system and for paediatric ventilation with active humidification, a 22mm Flextube breathing system.

Increasing the diameter of the tube over the heated wire section of the breathing system in each case substantially reduces the gas velocity, improving the gas contact with the heated wire for greater efficiency without affecting flow rates. If monitoring line filtration is required, the optional in-line filter kit can be added to any system that includes a monitoring line. Machine connection filtration can be added using a low-resistance Flo-Guard breathing filter (1690000).


Bilevel breathing systems


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