CaStar R hood kit with VentuPlus for NIV and CPAP use

CaStar R hood kit with VentuPlus for NIV and CPAP use
The CaStar R hood is a comfortable, versatile and lightweight patient interface for NIV. It is designed to offer an efficient and comfortable alternative to traditional methods of non-invasive respiratory support, it is well tolerated for extended periods and can reduce the risks associated with both endotracheal intubation and face mask use.

Generally used on the mechanical ventilator for delivering NImV (non-invasive mechanical ventilation), the CaStar R is a versatile interface that can be used to provide optimal CPAP therapy as well via a constant flow generator and a mechanical PEEP valve.

Beside the clinical advantages of the respiratory hoods for treating respiratory diseases, in light of the COVID-19 global pandemic the StarMed interface has been identified as an optimal tool for reducing the risk of cross infection.

Owing to the semi-closed environment design and the virtually leak-free seal, all expired gas from the patient is evacuated from the internal volume through the expiratory limb of the hood, which can be fitted with a breathing filter.

We have provided a complete kit for the treatment of infective patients to allow for the flexible delivery of required therapy: the same hood can be used on the mechanical ventilator for NimV or it can be used for providing CPAP via external equipment or with the convenient Venturi valve accessory.

The kit includes:
• CaStar R NIV hood with bi-directional anti-asphyxiation valve and inflatable cushion
• VentuPlus Venturi flow driver accessory and O2 connector and tube
• Breathing filter
• Adjustable PEEP valve 0-20 cmH2O with 22F connection

The StarMed study database features studies covering a range of clinical scenarios and each study entry includes a brief summary abstract and further categorisation and tagging so you can search for studies based on their clinical setting, author, journal, date and any key words. A COVID-19 category has been recently created and we will continue to add new posts as further studies are released - so keep checking for the latest supporting material.

For further practical details key studies discussing optimal ventilator settings and CO2 rebreathing topics are extensively discussed in our StarMed study portfolio.



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