O2-MAX™ Fixed System with expandable tube (delivers 30% FiO2)

Continuous positive airway pressure is becoming the standard of care for patients suffering from respiratory distress. The O2-MAX System™ can deliver up to 140 L/min of flow to the patient. Customise your FiO2 to increase from 30, 60, or 90% with the Trio adaptor. Additionally, this completely disposable system offers integrated nebulisation and filtration while maintaining a consistent flow to the patient.

The O2-Max™ TRIO system is available in 2 adult sizes. Adjustable PEEP options include a 3-SET™ (5/7.5/10 cmH2O) or 5-SET™ (5/7.5/10/12.5/15 cmH2O) to suit a variety of patient needs. The O2-MAX™ fixed system is available with either expandable tubing for efficient storage or smoothbore tubing for reduced operational noise.

Release Information: This product available in selected markets, please consult your local office for further details.



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