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In emergency medicine, you need equipment that’s easy, rapid and reliable to use. The i-gel®, from Intersurgical, is ideal for use in emergency medicine and difficult airway management as it provides high seal pressures and reduced trauma, plus incorporates a gastric channel to give additional protection against aspiration.

Intersurgical also offer the i-gel® O2 Resus Pack which contains everything you need to prepare, insert and secure the i-gel® O2 quickly and efficiently: an i-gel® O2 supraglottic airway, a sachet of lubricant, airway support strap and a suction tube.

The i-gel® O2 has been designed to facilitate ventilation as part of standard resuscitation protocols, such as those designated by the European Resuscitation Council (ERC) and the American Heart Association (AHA). However, the i-gel® O2 incorporates a supplementary oxygen port, so it can also be used for the delivery of passive oxygenation, or Passive Airway Management (PAMTM), as part of an appropriate CardioCerebral Resuscitation (CCR) protocol. 


i-gel® O2 pack features and benefits

1. 15mm connector - Reliable connection to any standard catheter mount or connection 

2. Proximal end of gastric channel

3. Colour coded hook ring - to secure the i-gel® O2 in position with the airway support strap

4. Clearly displayed product information - For quick easy reference Includes confirmation of size and weight guidance

5. Position guide (adults sizes only) 

6. Supplementary oxygen port - For the administration of passive oxygenation as a component of cardiocerebral resucitation (CCR)

7. Gastric channel - Enhances patient safety by providing a mechanism for the management of regurgitant fluid

8. Integral bite block - Reduces the possibility of airway channel occlusion

9. Buccal cavity stabiliser - Aids insertion and reduces the potential for rotation

10. Epiglottic rest - Reduces the possibility of epiglottis ‘down folding’ and airway obstruction

11. Non-inflatable cuff - Eliminates the need for cuff inflation after insertion, allowing easy and rapid insertion and reduced trauma

12. Distal end of gastric channel


i-gel® O2 Resus pack

The i-gel® O2 Resus Pack is available in 3 adult sizes and includes:
• i-gel® O2 supraglottic airway 
• Sachet of lubricant – for quick and easy lubrication of the i-gel® O2 prior to insertion
• Airway support strap – to secure the i-gel® O2 in position
• 12 FG suction tube – for insertion through the gastric channel to empty fluid from the stomach.


Innovative packaging

The i-gel® O2 Resus Pack contains an i-gel® O2, a sachet of lubricant, airway support strap and gastric tube, all packaged in a specially designed clear, sterile, rigid pack. This unique design ensures protection of the contents, both in transit and in storage.

The colour–coded protective cradle, which is made from polypropylene (PP) and can be recycled, ensures the i-gel® O2 is maintained in the correct flexion prior to use, important for patient safety and product performance and to optimise gas circulation for effective sterilisation. The protective cradle also acts as a base for lubrication.

Available in three adult sizes, the i-gel® O2 has a colour coded hook ring to allow quick and easy identification. 

resus products

Ordering information

Code Description Weight Colour Box Quantity
 8705000  i-gel®O2 Resus Pack, large adult – includes a size 5 i-gel O2 with orange hook ring, sachet of lubricant, airway support strap, and a 12FG suction tube, 90+kg 90+ kg Orange 6
 8704000   i-gel®O2 Resus Pack, medium adult – includes a size 4 i-gel O2 with green hook ring, sachet of lubricant, airway support strap, and a 12FG suction tube, 50-90kg 50 - 90 kg Green 6
 8703000   i-gel®O2 Resus Pack, small adult – includes a size 3 i-gel O2 with yellow hook ring, sachet of lubricant, airway support strap, and a 12FG suction tube, 30-60kg 30 - 60 kg Yellow 6


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