i-gel® bibliographies


Featuring all known clinical evidence on the i-gel®, the bibliography compiles studies, case reports and correspondence on the performance of the device in anaesthesia, difficult airway management and resuscitation.

Our new i-gel® Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine bibliography provides the same information as our standard booklet, but features studies relating only to the use of i-gel in a resuscitation or emergency medicine setting.

Both are available for free as a PDF using the links below or in print upon request.

i-gel® standard bibliography

igel® Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine bibliography

i-gel® evidence database

There are now over 250 published studies, case reports and correspondence on i-gel®. We've collected these and built them into an online evidence database so they can be searched for by author, journal, scenario, date, topic, evidence type plus key words.

All the evidence in our bibliographies has been added along with any subsequent evidence released since they were published.  We will continue to add new posts as further studies are released - so keep checking for the latest supporting material.

View our online evidence database


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