The i-gel® Plus represents one of the most significant advances in the design of supraglottic airways since the original i-gel® was introduced in 2007. It combines all the features and benefits of standard i-gel® and the i-gel® O2 with a number of key product enhancements, to help improve performance and safety and optimise ease of use.

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i-gel® Plus product improvements

Larger gastric channel - allows for the insertion of the larger gastric tube

1. Supplementary oxygen port  
2. Larger gastric channel



Intubation ramp - optimises use as a conduit for intubation

1. Intubation ramp to optimise use as a conduit for intubation

i-gel plus image

Longer cuff tip - to help improve the oesophageal seal intubation

1. Standard i-gel®
2. i-gel® Plus



i-gel®Plus features and benefits

1. 15mm connector - Reliable connection to any standard catheter mount or connection 

2. Proximal end of gastric channel

3. Colour coded hook ring - To secure the i-gel® Plus in position with the airway support strap 

4. Clearly displayed product information - For quick easy reference Includes confirmation of size and weight guidance

5. Position guide

6. Supplementary oxygen port - For the administration of passive oxygenation as a component of cardiocerebral resuscitation (CCR)

7. Gastric channel - Enhances patient safety by providing a mechanism for the management of regurgitant fluid

8. Integral bite block - Reduces the possibility of airway channel occlusion

9. Buccal cavity stabiliser - Aids insertion and eliminates the potential for rotation 

10. Epiglottic rest - Reduces the possibility of epiglottis ‘down folding’ and airway obstruction

11. Non-inflatable cuff - Eliminates the need for cuff inflation after insertion, allowing easy and rapid insertion

12. Distal end of gastric channel

i-gel® Plus added benefits
A. Larger gastric channel - To enable insertion of a a larger gastric tube

B. Intubation ramp - To optimise use as a conduit for intubation

C. Longer cuff tip - To help enhance the oesophageal seal


Ordering information

i-gel® Plus is available in three adult sizes. Each device is supplied sterile in a clear rigid pack. This unique design ensures protection of the device both in transit and storage. i-gel® Plus is supplied in boxes of 10 units.

Code Description Size Weight Colour Box Quantity
8605000 i-gel® Plus, supraglottic airway 5 large adult 90+ kg orange 10
8604000 i-gel® Plus, supraglottic airway 4 medium adult 50 - 90 kg green 10
8603000 i-gel® Plus, supraglottic airway 3 small adult 30 - 60 kg yellow 10



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