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Reduce intervention, increase protection Condensation is a common issue when ventilating actively humidified patients in the ICU. Excess condensation in the ventilator and breathing system can quickly accumulate, leading to higher airway resistances, compromised ventilator performance and additional work for the patient and clinician.

The Intersurgical InterCooler™ dehumidifier is engineered to remove 100% of excess moisture from the expiratory limb of heated wire breathing systems. InterCooler’s unique patented technology reduces the risk of cross infection by managing all excess fluid in the breathing system, increasing filtration and minimising ambient aerosol release.

InterCooler™ is compatible with all leading ICU ventilators, humidifiers and dual heated wire breathing systems and is the only solution to offer complete control of expiratory condensate.

Protect the patient

• InterCooler allows for a closed breathing system, and helps to:
       • maintain PEEP
       • maintain O2 saturation
• Extend system use for up to 14 days
• Filter remains dry resulting in no increase in expiratory resistance

Protect the ventilator

• Protect ventilator valves and sensors from condensation
• Maintain ventilator performance
• Dry gas allows for high level pleated membrane filtration use on the expiratory limb

Protect the clinician and working environment

• Reduce the risk of cross infection
• Manage excess condensate safely and efficiently
• Collect and remove condensate with easy to use, self-sealing collection bags
• Removed waste fluid is converted to a gel for safe handling and disposal
• Increase filtration efficiency with 7 day, 99.9999% efficient hydrophobic pleated membrane filter

InterCooler™ features and benefits

1. Dry gas returning to the ventilator - protects the valves and sensors from condensation


2. High level pleated mechanical filtration - Dry gas allows for high level pleated mechanical filtration use on the expiratory limb


3. Self sealing condensate collection bag - with gel for safe handling and disposal


4. Visual status indicator for condensate fluid - collection bag replacement

intercooler on white

InterCooler™ set-up

A  +  B  +  C

The Intersurgical InterCooler dehumidifier is compatible with the majority of ventilators, dual heated wire breathing systems and respiratory humidifiers on the market, and can be used on adult, paediatric and neonatal patients in the intensive care areas.

intercooler product on grey

A  InterCooler dehumidifier

The Intersurgical InterCooler dehumidifier is compatible with the majority of ventilators, dual heated wire breathing systems and respiratory humidifiers on the market. It can be used on adult, paediatric and neonatal patients in the intensive care areas. Individual device product codes have been set up for the countries listed below.

Code Description Box Quantity   Code Description Box Quantity
7010000 InterCooler™ - UK 1   7010010 InterCooler™ - Germany 1
7010002 InterCooler™ - France 1   7010011 InterCooler™ - Netherlands 1
7010003 InterCooler™ - Czech Republic 1   7010012 InterCooler™ - Poland 1
7010007 InterCooler™ - Denmark 1   7010013 InterCooler™ - Portugal 1
7010008 InterCooler™ - Spain 1   7010014 InterCooler™ - Turkey 1
7010009 InterCooler™ - Italy 1   7010015 InterCooler™ - Sweden 1


 B  InterCooler™ adapter kit

Code Description Box Quantity
2428000 InterCooler™ 22mm adult breathing system adapter kit 10
2429000 InterCooler™ 15 mm neonatal and paediatric breathing system adapter kit 10


 C  Dual heated wire breathing systems

Code Description Box quantity
2026310   22mm Flextube dual heated wire breathing system with auto-fill chamber and limb. ≥1.6m 7
4504018 15mm Flextube dual heated wire breathing system with auto-fill chamber and limb. ≥1.2m 7
6393810 10 mm Flextube dual heated wire breathing system with Nirtic Oxide adapters, monitoring line, auot-fil chamber and limb. ≥1.2m 7

Additional accessories

Code Description Box quantity
2427000 InterCooler™ fluid collection bag (15 x 1 Litre) 15
1790007 Air-Guard Clear 7 breathing filter 50



InterCooler™ mounting bracket and pole clamps

Code Description Box quantity
7600003 InterCooler™ mounting bracket - straight dual 1
7600004 InterCooler™ mounting bracket - Offset dual 1
7600005 InterCooler™ mounting bracket - Tandem 1
7601000 Pole clamp 1
7602000 Rail clamp 1


white blank

To view the InterCooler™ set-up guide and how to replace the fluid collection bag please refer to the supporting documents and for further information please get in touch.


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References 1. Nelson laboratories Inc. Viral Filtration Efficiency Test of the Intersurgical Air-Guard Clear, code 1790000, 845255/STP0010 Rev 08

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