The Dri-Therm™ heated wire breathing system is designed to reduce the humidity of gas in the expiratory limb, keeping tubing clear of fluid, helping maintain a closed system and protecting the ventilator from high levels of humidity. The Dri-Therm™ system combines permeable tube technology with Intersurgical’s twin coil wire and high quality product design. The temperature and humidity of the gas is conditioned to deliver the optimal level of humidification to the patient whilst minimising excess condensate in the gas pathway. Intersurgical’s transparent, lightweight tubing and connectors ensure complete visibility of the breathing system patency and performance throughout patient treatment. 

Features and benefits

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A. The design of Dri-Therm™ allows for a closed breathing system which:
• Maintains PEEP
• Maintains O2 saturation
• Extends system use for up to 14 days
• Reduces the risk of cross infection

B. Improved ventilator performance:
• Protect ventilator valves and sensors from condensation
• Maintain ventilator performance

C. Filter remains dryer for longer:
• Resistance remains low
• Reduce filter changes

Permeable tube

Dri-Therm™ expiratory tubing is made of material that allows small water molecules to pass through the limb wall. The permeability of the tube lowers the humidity of the gas and removes excess condensation. Larger bacteria and viruses cannot pass through the tubing and are contained within the breathing system so that they can be safely filtered at the end of the breathing system limb.

Key:   1. Bacteria or virus   
          2. Water molecule

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Improved filtration

Filtering and protecting the ventilator and ICU environment from expired pathogens has never been more important. Unfortunately, saturated filters can be a real problem with heated wire breathing systems. High humidity gas can cause water to condense in the filter media and over time, this can lead to an increase in resistance and increase in patient Work of Breathing1. Dri-Therm heated wire systems dry the exhaled gas before it reaches the filter; this ensures that the humidity is reduced to a level that prevents condensation developing.2

Auto-fill chamber

Intersurgical heated wire breathing system come with the option of the Intersurgical’s patented dual float auto fill humidification chamber included. The auto fill chamber design includes a number of features to improve safety and ease of use.

1. Protective cassette - Protects the chamber from contamination and conveniently stores the fill set before use

2. Inline filters - Prevents any debris entering the chamber

3. Dual valve - For added security

4. Strong polycarbonate clear material - Improved compliance characteristics.  Allows for easy visual assessment of the fluid level at all times.

5. Clearly visible water level indicator - Easy to see for instant accurate fluid level assessment

6. Advanced dual float design - The closed cell material of the primary float ensures a totally reliable unsinable rigid mechanism.  Whilst the secondary float provides addedd security

7. Shrouded heated plate cover - Prevents accidental burns when removing the chamber form the heater base.

Suitable for use with the majority of humidifiers and ventilators found intensive care areas.

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Ordering information

Dri-Therm™ is suitable for use with the majority of humidifiers and ventilators found in intensive care areas and it can be ordered using the below product code.

Code Description Box Quantity
2066310 22mm Dri-Therm™ permeable dual heated wire breathing system with autofill chamber and extra limb, ≥1.6m 7


We also offer humidification electrical adapter leads which can be used with the Dri-Therm™ breathing system.

Code Description Box Quantity
5601000 Electrical adaptor lead for dual heated wire breathing systems for the MR850™ humidifier  1
51006182 Electrical adaptor lead for dual heated wire breathing systems for VHB20™ Series humidifier 1


The breathing filters which can be used with the Dri-Therm™ systems include:

Code Description Box Quantity
1944000 Filta-Guard™ breathing filter  70
1790000 (S*) Air-Guard Clear breathing filter (sterile*) 50 (40*)


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References:  1). Buckley PM. Increase in resistance of in-line breathing filters in humidified air. British Journal of Anaesthesia 1984; 56: 637– 43.  2). Internal laboratory testing
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