i-Pro™ medical mask and i-Pro™ Vision visor

i-Pro™ medical mask and i-Pro™ Vision visor

Introducing our new Personal Respiratory Protective range.

Over the course of the pandemic, the need for personal protection as solutions for infection control has significantly increased to ensure the safety of both patients and healthcare workers. In response, we have developed two new products forming part of our new Personal Protective range, which includes the i-Pro™ medical mask and the i-Pro™ Vision protective visor.

i-Pro ™ medical mask
The new i-Pro™ mask is designed with suitability for clinicians working within the clinical environment in mind. Traditional personal protective masks were originally designed to be used in the industrial environment and are therefore not always suited for the population of healthcare workers, this has resulted in a number of reported issues. Using our breathing system filter media, with proven bacterial and viral efficiency in the clinical environment, and a soft, flexible TPE seal, featured in our range of respiratory products, the i-Pro™ mask combines a high level protection with a comfortable and effective fit. 

i-Pro ™ Vision protective visor
The i-Pro™ Vision protective visor has fully re-useable headwear providing an over-head cradle with three point adjustment and multiple comfort features, designed for use in the clinical setting.  The anti-fog visor provides optimum visibility, with a full range of movement and is easily replaced providing a more environmentally friendly solution to protective wear.  The visor is easily replaceable to reduce unnecessary waste and provides a more environmentally friendly solution to protective wear.

The introduction of the i-Pro ™ medical mask and i-Pro™ Vision is an exciting step for Intersurgical into personal protection, designed specifically for clinical personnel.

Please visit the product pages or the dedicated website page for further details.

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