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Anaesthetic face mask range

Anaesthetic face mask range

We offer a comprehensive range of single use and Alterna™ reprocessable anaesthetic face masks, from adult sizes through to neonates, for all your clinical requirements.

We are committed to lowering the environmental impact of our products and services, and with this in mind we now offer our anaesthetic face masks without a hook ring. 

Our single use anaesthetic face mask range includes:

In addition, our ClearLite™ range of anaesthetic face masks are non-PVC and phthalate free reducing the environmental impact by 72%1. Find out more about the reduction on our dedicated ClearLite face mask and sustainability landing page.
We also have a dedicated website landing page which provides an overview of our range and also details factors to consider when buying an anaesthetic face mask - take a look around.

We have a full range of anaesthetic face masks in stock available for ordering, so contact us for your requirements or make an enquiry.

Ref: Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Comparison of non-PVC and PVC Anaesthetic Masks (issue 2)

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