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i-gel® O₂ Resus Pack

Four things in one pack, one less thing to think about

In emergency medicine, you need equipment that’s easy, rapid and reliable to use. The i-gel®O₂ Resus Pack contains everything you need to prepare, insert and secure the i-gel®O₂ quickly and efficiently: an i-gel®O₂ supraglottic airway, a sachet of lubricant, airway support strap and a suction tube.

The i-gel®O₂ incorporates a supplementary oxygen port and an integral hook ring for securing of the airway support strap.

The i-gel®O₂ has been designed to facilitate ventilation as part of standard resuscitation protocols, such as those designated by the European Resuscitation Council (ERC) and the American Heart Association (AHA). However, the i-gel®O₂ incorporates a supplementary oxygen port, so can also be used for the delivery of passive oxygenation, or Passive Airway Management (PAMTM), as part of an appropriate CardioCerebral Resuscitation (CCR) protocol.

The i-gel®O₂ is incredibly easy to use. Insertion is rapid and can normally be achieved in less than 5 seconds. The simplicity of i-gel®O₂ means the insertion technique is instinctive, reliable and does not require or benefit from the insertion of fingers or thumbs into the patient’s mouth.

The i-gel®O₂ Resus Pack includes a specially designed airway support strap for securing the i-gel®O₂ in position. Fixation is easily achieved by sliding the strap under the patient’s neck and securing it in place to the hook ring on the collar of the i-gel®O₂. This makes it ideal for use where adhesive tape is unsuitable, such as on patients with facial hair.

Ordering information
The i-gel®O₂ Resus Pack contains an i-gel®O₂, a sachet of lubricant, airway support strap and suction tube, all packaged in a specially designed clear, sterile, rigid pack. This unique design ensures protection of the contents, both in transit and in storage. The i-gel®O₂ has a colour coded hook ring to allow quick and easy identification of size. The i-gel®O₂ Resus Pack is available in three adult sizes.



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