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i-gel® Plus

i-gel Plus – i-gel has evolved

The i-gel® Plus represents one of the most significant advances in the design of supraglottic airways since the original i-gel® was introduced in 2007. It combines all the features and benefits of standard i-gel® and the i-gel® O2 with a number of key product enhancements, to help improve performance and safety and optimise ease of use. The original i-gel® not only changed the perception of what a supraglottic airway should look like, but also what could be expected in terms of performance.

No longer is it necessary to compromise. i-gel® provides superior seal pressures, low post-operative complications and high first time insertion success, all in a device that many believe is simpler and easier to insert and use. In addition, it incorporates a gastric channel as standard (except size 1).

This was usually the preserve of more specialised devices, whereas i-gel® was designed as an everyday device for routine use, providing the increased safety of a gastric channel for every patient. The i-gel® Plus builds on the improvements of the original i-gel® to provide the airway practitioner with an even more advanced supraglottic airway.

Larger gastric channel to enhance patient safety
The diameter of the gastric channel has been increased to allow for the insertion of a larger gastric tube and to help optimise management of regurgitant fluid, thereby potentially reducing the risk of aspiration and increasing patient safety.

New intubation ramp to optimise use as a conduit for intubation
An intubation ramp is provided in the airway channel where the channel exits in to the bowl of the non-inflatable cuff, helping to ensure that when the device is used as a conduit for intubation (with fibreoptic guidance), the tracheal tube exits the i-gel® Plus at the optimal angle to allow reliable and safe passage through the vocal cords and into the trachea.

Longer cuff tip to enhance the oesophageal seal
i-gel® Plus incorporates a small increase in the length of the cuff tip. This may help to increase the oesophageal seal and in combination with the larger gastric channel, provide improved protection against aspiration. Ordering information i-gel® Plus is available in three adult sizes. Each device is supplied sterile in a clear rigid pack. This unique design ensures protection of the device both in transit and storage.


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