Resuscitation and emergency care breathing systems

For clinical situations where a supply of supplemental Oxygen is available, Mapleson C systems provide improved control and increased tactile information regarding patients lung compliance and airway resistance over that provided by a self-inflating resuscitation bag. These versatile systems are ideally suited for use in critical care units, post-operative recovery areas, and emergency departments. It can be used for induction of anaesthesia, manual ventilation during physiotherapy, resuscitation and patient transport.

The systems have been adapted for paediatric use, featuring a paediatric APL valve with reduced safety”blow off” pressure, to help minimise the risk of barotrauma and also available with a 0.5 and 1 litre reservoir bag. These systems can be utilised in a wide range of clinical applications including physiotherapy, patient transfer, resuscitation and may be used for both spontaneously breathing and hand ventilated patients in critical care, operating room and recovery areas.



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