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StarMed CaStar R Ped Paediatric hood for NIV

StarMed CaStar R Ped - Paediatric hood for NIV

The CaStar R Ped is a comfortable, versatile and lightweight NIV patient interface for paediatrics. It is designed to offer an alternative to traditional methods of NIV delivery. The CaStar R Ped is well tolerated for extended periods and can reduce the risks associated with both endotracheal intubation and face mask use.

Technical Features include:
• Manufactured from phthalate-free materials
• 22M connectors compliant to ISO standard 
• Comfortable and atraumatic underarm fastening straps
• Two versatile sealed access ports suitable for probes or catheters of various gauges
• New design patient access port. Fitted with bi-directional anti-asphyxiation valve which opens automatically in the event of pressure failure 

Single packed. Custom-packs are supplied on specific request of the customer.

Key studies discussing optimal ventilator settings and CO2 rebreathing topics are extensively discussed in our StarMed study portfolio.

The StarMed study database features studies covering a range of clinical scenarios and each study entry includes a brief summary abstract and further categorisation and tagging so you can search for studies based on their clinical setting, author, journal, date and any key words. We will continue to add new posts as further studies are released - so keep checking for the latest supporting material.  


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