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Neonatal and Paediatric product catalogue

New edition 10 now available!

We are delighted to announce the new edition 10 of our Neonatal and Paediatric catalogue is now available and includes our new products:

• nFlow™ Cosyfit infant nasal CAP breathing systems and bonnets
• MiniMe®2 NIV mask
• Hydro-Therm™ T and Inter-Therm™ T heat and moisture exchangers (HMEs)
• Anaesthesic face masks without hook rings
• Sentri™ ETCO2 nasal cannula
• SmartCan™ and AbCan™ pre-filled disposable carbon dioxide absorbers
• plus more!

The catalogue also features our key initiative pages where you can find more about a specific area of interest including our Baggins the Bear collection, which includes supporting material developed to help ease a child’s journey through their hospital stay and when undergoing anaesthesia. Baggins appears on a number of our paediatric products to assist in distracting and relaxing a child.

Take a look around the catalogue which can be found via our home page or our paediatric and neonatal range website landing page.

Universal Stylet Bougie (USB™)

Introducing the USB - a hybrid stylet and bougie.
The unique design of the USB incorporates two metal inserts either side a more flexible middle section. The USB can easily be manipulated to a variety of angles when used as a stylet, yet has the flexibility when used as a bougie to provide a significantly enhanced level of tracheal ring feedback.  In addition, the hexagonal shape provides less contact with the inner surface of the tracheal tube, providing particularly easy insertion and removal.
The USB offers a number of key advantages over traditional bougies and stylets:
  • Hybrid bougie and stylet
  • Improved insertion and removal
  • Improved storage
  • Improved tracheal ring detection

Visit our dedicated website landing page to find out more or make an enquiry.
The Universal Stylet Bougie, or USB, represents a significant advance in the design and development of tracheal introducers (bougies) and stylets. 


Introducing the extended MiniMe®2 range, a single-patient use paediatric nasal NIV mask for use in the hospital or homecare environment.

Designed for children ages 2-12, the MiniMe®2 is now available in four sizes, both with vented and non-vented options for CPAP and bilevel therapy.  The masks feature AIR°gel® with Advanced Cushion Technology™, providing your smallest patients the ultimate fit and maximum comfort.

The masks also offer the following benefits:
• Custom fit technology – the shell and cushion of the mask can easily be moulded to fit individual needs; once fixed, it will hold its shape
• Touchless Spacebar™ – a unique design eliminates any contact with the patient’s forehead
• 360° rotating elbow – for optimal tube positioning and ease patient mobility
• New headgear – now with five adjustment points

To find out more visit the website product page, to review the information sheet and additional product information.

MiniMe®2 is part of our Patient Interfaces range, please visit the dedicated landing page for full details.

MiniMe®2 and AIR°gel® are registered trademarks of Sleepnet Corporation. Touchless Spacebar and Advanced Cushion Technology are trademarks of Sleepnet Corporation.

i-gel® Plus

Introducing the i-gel® Plus - i-gel has evolved!
The i-gel® Plus represents one of the most significant advances in the design of supraglottic airways since the original i-gel® was introduced in 2007. It combines all the features and benefits of standard i-gel® and the i-gel® O2 with a number of key product enhancements, to help improve performance and safety and optimise ease of use.
The main features of the i-gel® Plus include:
  • Larger gastric channel – allows for the insertion of a larger gastric tube
  • Intubation ramp – optimises use as a conduit for intubation
  • Longer cuff tip – to help improve the oesophageal seal​ 

Visit our i-gel landing page or make an enquiry to find out more.

Pulmodyne range

We are delighted to have extended our product offering with the addition of the Pulmodyne range, which complement our wide portfolio allowing us to offer our customers a further choice.

We are introducing the following ranges and please visit the product pages to find out more:

Patient Interfaces: BiTrac™ NIV Non-invasive Ventilation masks and BiTrac™ MaxShield full face masks providing a further NIV option alongside the current range of patient interfaces.

CPAP Devices: GO-PAP™ and O2-MAX™ - two disposable CPAP device for immediate therapy in the ambulance or in the hospital, providing further options alongside the current Ventumask range.

Atomisation Devices: DART™ intranasal mucosal atomisation device & DART-Reach™ laryngo-tracheal mucosal atomisation device.  Medication can be quickly and painlessly delivered with both the DART™ and the DART-Reach™ for a variety of clinical applications.

i-Pro™ medical mask and i-Pro™ Vision visor

Over the course of the pandemic, the need for personal protection as solutions for infection control has significantly increased to ensure the safety of both patients and healthcare workers. In response, we have developed two new products forming part of our new Personal Protective range, which includes the i-Pro™ medical mask and the i-Pro™ Vision protective visor.

i-Pro ™ medical mask
The new i-Pro™ mask is designed with suitability for clinicians working within the clinical environment in mind. Traditional personal protective masks were originally designed to be used in the industrial environment and are therefore not always suited for the population of healthcare workers, this has resulted in a number of reported issues. Using our breathing system filter media, with proven bacterial and viral efficiency in the clinical environment, and a soft, flexible TPE seal, featured in our range of respiratory products, the i-Pro™ mask combines a high level protection with a comfortable and effective fit. 

i-Pro ™ Vision protective visor
The i-Pro™ Vision protective visor has fully re-useable headwear providing an over-head cradle with three point adjustment and multiple comfort features, designed for use in the clinical setting.  The anti-fog visor provides optimum visibility, with a full range of movement and is easily replaced providing a more environmentally friendly solution to protective wear.  The visor is easily replaceable to reduce unnecessary waste and provides a more environmentally friendly solution to protective wear.

The introduction of the i-Pro ™ medical mask and i-Pro™ Vision is an exciting step for Intersurgical into personal protection, designed specifically for clinical personnel.

Please visit the product pages or the dedicated website page for further details.

New addition to our HME range

We are delighted to introduce the latest addition to our HME range – InterTherm™ T HME.

The Inter-Therm T™ is a heat and moisture exchanger (HME) designed for use with spontaneously breathing patients in order to reduce loss of heat and moisture during respiration, ideal for patients and clinicians caring for patients living with a tracheostomy. Small and lightweight, the new InterTherm™ T features a unique white corrugated paper HME design to provide the perfect combination between humidification output and low resistance to flow.

Visit our website product page or our dedicated filtration and humidification website page for more information about the InterTherm™ T range. If you have any further queries, please contact us.

New nFlow™ CosyFit™ infant nasal CPAP breathing system

The Intersurgical nFlow system offers a complete care solution for infant CPAP with established ‘gas flip’ technology, providing a low ‘work of breathing’ option as an alternative to ventilator CPAP. The nFlow system is supplied assembled with generator, heated wire limb and 10mm adjustable Superset style exhaust tube for efficient gas removal.

The new nFlow™ CosyFit bonnet makes attaching to the generator simple and precise and helps create a secure yet gentle fit for even the most sensitive patients. The new bonnet tie now has sealed edges to improve fabric stability and strength and we have changed the colour from white to grey to more easily distinguish between the new white nFlow™ CosyFit ties.

We’ve made ordering easy. To make a complete system you can choose one product from breathing systems (group A) and bonnets (group B), and choose a patient interface from nasal masks (group C) and/or nasal prongs (group D) to make your system. Our patient interfaces (masks and prongs) and CosyFit bonnets are supplied separately, so can be ordered separately as needed, plus it avoids unnecessary waste.

Our original nFlow™ range will remain available alongside the new nFlow™ CosyFit range.

Visit our website product page or our landing page for more information about the nFlow™ range or make an enquiry.

Photo Calendar Competition – June’s winning entry!

Andrew Brian from The Princess Elizabeth Hospital takes June’s spot in the UK 2022 Calendar.
Andrew captured a beautiful sunny day at Petit Bot Bay in Guernsey. The clear, blue waters pictured here perfectly lends to last year’s photo calendar competition themed, ‘On the waterfront’. This year, our 2023 photo calendar competition’s theme is ‘Furry Friends’, …or feathered friends, or winged wildlife. Full details on this year’s competition can be found here.

View Andrew’s stunning image in our UK 2022 calendar linked below.

Introducing the NEW LiteScope™ laryngoscope

We are delighted to introduce the new LiteScope™ disposable laryngoscope.

The LiteScope™ is a one piece, single-use, fully disposable laryngoscope offering a quick and easy-to-use solution for intubation whilst maximising patient safety.

Unlike a standard laryngoscope, the innovative one-piece design of LiteScope eliminates the need to connect a separate blade and handle, thus saving valuable time in an emergency As a single use, fully disposable laryngoscope, Litescope eliminates the risks associated with the reprocessing of reusable devices, and therefore provides an ideal solution where there is a concern regarding infection control.

Visit our website product page or dedicated LiteScope website landing page for more information. If you have any further queries, please contact us.


The International Symposium of Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine (ISICEM)

Brussels Meeting Center - Square, Brussels
March 21 - March 24 2023
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