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Photo Calendar Competition – March’s Winning Entry!

Ana Neto from Kettering General Hospital takes March’s spot in our 2022 calendar.
Ana captured the Common Dipper posing in front of a waterfall whilst in the Peak District. We thought it the perfect fit for our ‘On the Waterfront’ themed competition.

If you’d like to vote for the theme of this year’s photo competition, take a look at our social media pages and vote. Alternatively, email us your chosen theme! The three themes to choose from are:

• Furry Friends
• Four Seasons
• A Feast For The Eyes

Request your free 2022 photo calendar here, or download it via the pdf link below.

Introducing The SmartCan™

Our new 1.6L pre-filled disposable CO2 absorber.
The new SmartCan™ is our easy to use disposable absorber that has been developed specifically for clinical use during anaesthesia to absorb carbon dioxide within an anaesthetic breathing system and provides a further option for customers who have made the choice to use pre-fills. It offers a fast and easy exchange, an efficient CO2 absorption, an air-tight seal for storage, and no dust emission.

The SmartCan™ is available with Spherasorb™ a medical grade soda lime with a white to violet and pink to white colour change, or with LoFloSorb™ a medical grade CO2 absorbent that contains no alkali hydroxide with a green to violet colour change.

The SmartCan is compatible with the GE Healthcare®, anaesthesia, Carestation® 650™, Carestation® 620™, Carestation® 650c Pendant™ Carestation® 650c Wall Mount™ and Carestation 750™.

It is essential that the user follows both the instructions for use of the appropriate GE Carestation and also the instructions for use supplied with each box of Intersurgical SmartCan absorbers.  For full details of how to attach and use the SmartCan, please refer to instructions for use.

For further information visit the product page to review the information sheet and product video, or make an enquiry.

GE Healthcare is a registered trademark of General Electric Company
Carestation is a registered trademark of Datex-Ohmeda, Inc. Datex-Ohmeda, Inc. is a General Electric Company
620, 650, 650c Pendant and 650c Wall Mount are trademarks of General Electric Company

Photo Calendar Competition – February’s Winning Entry!

Danielle Plant from The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, takes February’s spot in our 2022 calendar.

This gorgeous image of the sun setting in the Lake District is the perfect image for this month, as we all dream of our holidays to come. Danielle took this photo whilst holidaying at Centre Parks and it was a great fit for our competition themed ‘On the Waterfront’.

You can download a pdf copy via the pdf link below.

Intersurgical acquires Pulmodyne

Intersurgical is delighted to announce the acquisition of Pulmodyne, a USA and Malaysian based manufacturer, specialising in high quality innovative airway and respiratory products for use in prehospital, emergency care, critical care and the home. 
The specialised product range complements the wide Intersurgical global portfolio of products providing a further choice for both existing and new customers. Products in the range include: a full range of BiTracTM NIV masks and NIV accessories, CPAP delivery devices, Control-CricTM surgical airway, a range of breathing filters, atomised delivery devices and the AccupapTM breathing exercisers.

The acquisition will provide Intersurgical with an enhanced presence in the USA market and provide an opportunity for increased sales of the Pulmodyne ranges through the extensive global Intersurgical network.

One-Piece Guedel colour changes

Our range of Guedel oropharyngeal airways is now fully compliant to the colour coding guidance outlined in ISO 5364:2016.

To comply, we changed the colours of four sizes of our One-Piece Guedel Airway range as confirmed below. These are also available in a sterile option.
- ISO Size 3.5: Changed from Pink to Light Green
- ISO Size 6.5: Changed from White to Brown
- ISO Size 7.0: Changed from Yellow to White
- ISO Size 9.0: Changed from Orange to Yellow
View the full range on our product page or landing page.
Our One-piece Guedel airways combine two materials with very different physical characteristics into one moulding, resulting in the elimination of the separate bite block found in all conventional Guedel airway designs. Loose or detached bite blocks constitute a real threat to patient safety and have been the subject of several hazard notices in the past. Our One-piece design overcomes all of the associated risks. As well as improved safety, the One-piece also incorporates a softer tip reducing the risk of trauma to the patient.
For more information please visit

Photo Calendar Competition – January’s Winning Entry!

 Xi Jin from Kettering General Hospital takes the first spot in our 2022 calendar.

The vibrant green of the rolling hills captured at Buttermere, Lake District, caught our eye and we thought it was the perfect image to kick off the year.

You can download a pdf copy via the pdf link below.

2021 Desk Calendar - December

Our 2021 desk calendar for December is the icy, still waters of the Rydal Water Lake located at the heart of the Lake District.
Follow our social media channels to view our previous desk calendar photos over 2021 and keep an eye out for our 2022 desk calendar:


PEP therapy range

We now offer a range of products for the delivery of Positive Expiratory Pressure therapy (PEP).
The modular design of the product range enables clinicians to select from nine colour coded PEP resistors and two patient interfaces.  The PEP T-piece is supplied with a mouthpiece that can easily be exchanged for a face mask if required, we recommend the use of ClearLiteTM anaesthetic face masks. A pressure manometer can be connected to the system using the PEP manometer connector designed to be fitted between the T-piece and PEP resistor.

Visit the product page for further information, to view the information sheet and video or make an enquiry.

Baggin's and Elf's Christmas Countdown

Visit our socials everyday for our countdown to Christmas!
Baggins the Bear and Elf will be posting daily festive fun including quizzes, fun facts and some jolly activities!

We hope you enjoy the countdown!

Follow Baggins on his Instagram and Facebook @bagginsthebear

Patient Monitoring

'Capnography monitoring is essential at all times in patients with tracheal tubes, supraglottic airway devices and those who are sedated to a level unresponsive to verbal commands' (1)
Intersurgical offer three types of anaesthetic breathing system - Flextube, Uniflow™ and DuoFlow™ - with the gas monitoring line conveniently and safely positioned inside the length of the breathing system.

By anchoring the monitoring line securely inside the breathing system it provides optimal positioning for accurate and reliable gas monitoring and eliminates the need for additional ports in either the Y-piece or filter/HMEF. This therefore avoids any possibility of accidental disconnection in use or misconnections.

We also offer a wide range of accessories and monitoring lines to allow safe and consistent monitoring of the patient's inspired and expired gases during general anaesthesia.

Our DuoFlow™ bi-lumen anaesthetic breathing system includes an inspiratory and expiratory gas pathway in a single 22mm limb system - one limb, two functions. The single limb design decreases the weight of the breathing system when compared with a traditional “Y” piece and therefore reduces potential pull or torsion placed on the patient’s airway connection.  In addition, being single limb, there is a reduction in material content and subsequent waste, which substantially lowers the overall impact upon the environment.

For further information on our extensive anaesthetic breathing system range please visit our product pages or contact us.

Reference 1: Recommendations for standards of monitoring during anaesthesia and recovery 2021. A. A. Klein,1 T. Meek,2 E. Allcock,3 T. M. Cook,4 N. Mincher,5 C. Morris,6 A. F. Nimmo,7, J. J. Pandit,8 A. Pawa,9 G. Rodney,10 T. Sheraton5 and P. Young1(1)



August 21 - August 24 2022
Stand number: 7.1Y14

European federation of Critical Care Nursing associations (EfCCNa)

Utrecht, Nederlands
August 31 - September 3 2022

CODA Change

Melbourne, Australia
September 11 - September 14 2022
Stand number: TBC

6th European Airway Management Congress (EAC2022)

Pine Beach Belek Congress Centre, Antalya, Turkey
September 28 - October 1 2022

Slovenian Congress of Anaesthesiologists

Four Points by Sheraton Ljubljana
September 30 - October 2 2022
Stand Number: TBC
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