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2021 desk calendar - March

For March's entry into our 2021 desk calendar, we have a stunning image of sunshine on Giant's Causeway in North Antrim, Northern Ireland. 
We will be posting a new scene for each month so keep following our social media channels and/or our website news to complete your own 2021 desk calendar by the end of the year.

2021 desk calendar - February

Last month we announced that for 2021 we have put together a desk calendar of some spectacular landscapes from across the United Kingdom. For February, we have gone for something iconic: Tower Bridge in London.
We will be posting a new scene for each month so keep following our social media channels and/or our website news to complete your own 2021 desk calendar by the end of the year. Wishing you all a happy new year!

DuoFlow™ breathing system pre-use check poster

A poster outlining the necessary pre-use checks using our leak tester on the DuoFlow™ bi-lumen anaesthetic breathing system is now available to download.
DuoFlow™ bi-lumen anaesthetic breathing system includes an inspiratory and expiratory gas pathway in a single 22mm limb system providing a further choice to our range of anaesthetic breathing systems. 

You can view and download the poster through the product page and on the Education page, watch a ‘how to’ video here, and read more about the range itself here.

Explorer endoscopy face mask to help reduce aerosol dispersion

According to Public Health England, bronchoscopy and upper gastro-intestinal endoscopy have been reported to be aerosol generating and are associated with an increased risk of respiratory transmission.¹ 
Our Explorer endoscopy face masks for endoscopy and bronchoscopy, have three one-way valves for easy insertion of an endoscope probe into the nose or mouth from either side of the patient, whilst reducing aerosol dispersion.

The Explorer range comes in four adult sizes to cover all patient requirements and provides safety and accuracy whilst offering patient comfort. Find out more on our website product and Education page.

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Push and Twist patient connections

Intersurgical maintain and control high-precision tolerances in the design and manufacture of all connectors to ensure a safe and secure connection.
Using our simple 'Push and Twist' method will therefore create a gas-tight, leak-free fit, as shown in this video.

All of our tapers and connectors are manufactured to meet the relevant BS, ISO and EN Standards (ISO 5356-1:2015 Anaesthetic and respiratory equipment - Conical connectors - part 1: Cones and Sockets).

You can now find out more about our range of Push and Twist connections on our website, where you can watch a short video, download or request a printed connectors and accessories poster, and make an enquiry.

Push and Twist every time for safe and secure connections

New home care catalogue

We are pleased to announce that Edition 5 of our Homecare product catalogue is now available.
Our new edition has been updated to include new products for the home care market including Smoothbore breathing systems, paediatric 15mm universal breathing systems, Novus™ nasal CPAP mask and the Inter-Therm™ T+ Heat and Moisture Exchanger (HME).  

The Novus™ nasal CPAP mask is a comfortable and lightweight interface intended for use by adult patients (>30kg) who have been prescribed CPAP or bilevel therapy in the home.  

The Inter-Therm T+ HME further extends our offering for patients and clinicians caring for patients living with a tracheostomy. Small and lightweight, it features both a clipped suction port and swivel oxygen stem combined with a unique white corrugated paper HME design to provide the perfect combination between humidification output and low resistance to flow. The product is also available with supplemental Oxygen tube.

You can view the complete new catalogue on our home page as a flipbook or on our Education landing page. If you have any further queries please contact us.

New respiratory hood video

Our updated video for the CaStar R NIV hood is now available.
Featuring the latest design hood and describing the best use of the new sealed access ports, our new video can be viewed on our product page, education page and also on our dedicated StarMed landing page.

Respiratory hoods have been identified as an optimal tool for reducing the risk of cross infection, and one of the most popular products is the CaStar R NIV hood.

Generally used on a mechanical ventilator for delivering NImV (non-invasive mechanical ventilation), CaStar R is a versatile interface that can also be used to provide optimal CPAP therapy via a constant flow generator and a mechanical PEEP valve. Owing to the semi-closed environment design and the virtually leak-free seal, all expired gas from the patient is evacuated from the internal volume through the expiratory limb of the hood, which can be fitted with a bacterial/viral filter.  To enable the CaStar R hood to be used for a variety of applications, please view the NIV hoods accessory website page.

For further information please contact us.

Neonatal and Paediatric catalogue

We are delighted to announce the new edition of our neonatal and paediatric range catalogue.
Edition 9 has been updated to include new products such as our paediatric anaesthetic face mask ranges now available without hook rings and our Intersurgical EcoLite™ Paediatric venturi mask kit.

The catalogue also features our new Baggins the Bear collection, which includes supporting material  developed to help ease a child’s journey through their hospital stay and when undergoing anaesthesia. Baggins appears on a number of our paediatric products to assist in distracting and relaxing a child.

You can view our new catalogue as a flipbook on our website home page or on our Education page.

New DuoFlow™ bi-lumen anaesthetic breathing system

We are pleased to introduce our new DuoFlow™ bi-lumen anaesthetic breathing system, which includes an inspiratory and expiratory gas pathway in a single 22mm limb system providing a further choice to our range of anaesthetic breathing systems.

The non-PVC and DEHP free DuoFlow™ contains an internally moulded inner septum that creates a gas tight division and allows transfer of heat between the inspired and expired gases, optimising the warmth and humidity of the gas. This design also means that exposure to ambient air temperature is minimised and further minimises the cooling of the gases, reducing condensate in the breathing system.
The single limb design decreases the weight of the breathing system when compared with a traditional “Y” piece and therefore reduces potential pull or torsion placed on the patient’s airway connection.
In addition, being single limb, there is a reduction in material content and subsequent waste, which substantially lowers the overall impact upon the environment.
Supporting product information including an information sheet and video are available here and on the Education page. For further information please contact us.


36th Annual Egyptian Anaesthesia Hybrid Conference

Intercontinental City Stars, Cairo
August 1 - August 2 2021

40th International Symposium on Intensive Care & Emergency Medicine (ISICEM)

Brussels, Belgium
August 31 - September 3 2021
Stand number: 2.04

17th WFSA World Congress of Anaesthesiologists (WCA)

September 1 - September 5 2021
Stand number: N/A

ERS International Virtual Congress 2021

September 5 - September 8 2021

8th Annual Respiratory Nursing Conference (ANAIL)

September 17 2021
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