HOT Top™2 nebuliser and kits

The HOT Top™2 nebuliser is an open nebuliser incorporating twin entrainment ports for high output flows resulting in reduced treatment times and improved patient compliance.

In addition, the HOT Top™2 nebuliser includes a graduated nebuliser cup which provides guidance on how much medication is left in the nebuliser and a quick-release fitting which enables the nebuliser to be attached and detached with a quarter-turn. This speeds up the refilling process and provides a reliable seal between the cup and the nebuliser body.

The HOT Top™2 nebuliser is designed to deliver medication for tracheobronchial deposition. Nebuliser performance specifications are detailed in documentation provided with the products, and are available upon request. At the lower driving gas flow of 6 L/min the performance is similar to a conventional closed nebuliser making it an option for use with devices which have lower flow outputs. The HOT Top™2 mask kits incorporate the Intersurgical EcoLite™ aerosol mask, this non-PVC mask reduces the environmental impact of this product.

HOT Top2 nebulisers – Sure-Loc™
Base HOT Top™2 nebulisers are available with a Sure-Loc™ base, when used with Intersurgical Sure-Loc™ tube and adaptor this system provides secure connections, preventing accidental tube disconnections from the nebuliser and the flow meter.

Reference: 1. Konceviciute. J. 98881 17.07.12            


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