Breathing filters provide an effective barrier that prevent cross contamination between patients, breathing systems, respiratory and anaesthetic equipment, and the clinical environment. Their use is widely recognised as beneficial and is recommended by a number of Anaesthetic Associations(1).  They are widely used across the hospital particularly in the operating theatre, critical care, lung function units, and respiratory care units.

We offer a wide and comprehensive choice of breathing filters with a variety of filtration efficiencies, sizes, volumes and shapes to ensure maximum customer choice.  We provide both electrostatic and pleated mechanical filters, with a range of patient connections, providing a choice of products to meet the majority of clinical situations. 

The essential requirements for our breathing filters include:

• Independently validated bacterial and viral filtration efficiency
• Proven filtration effectiveness against coronaviruses, mycobacterium tuberculosis and Hepatitis C
• Proven efficiency within the intended clinical environment
• Low compressible volume – reducing rebreathing of expired carbon dioxide
• Low resistance to flow over its intended period of use - to reduce the work of breathing
• Option of patient connections – conveniently packed and ready for use reducing environmental impact of the packaging
• Lightweight – reducing potential patient trauma
• Safe inert material
• Compliance to all relevant international standards
• Safe, secure ISO connectors - to minimise potential disconnection and leakage. 


We offer two types of breathing filters: electrostatic and pleated membrane.  It is often asked which of the two filter materials give the best filtration efficiency. Despite differences in the method of filtration, electrostatic and pleated membrane filters can both offer high efficiency and a high level of protection to patients.

All of our filters are tested at independent microbiology laboratory facilities against clinically relevant bacterial and viral challenges. To find out more about this process visit our filtration and humidification page.

Breathing filters with electrostatic media

To discover our range of breathing filters with electrostatic media select your appropriate range from the below images.

Breathing filters with pleated membrane media

To discover our range of breathing filters with pleated membrane media select your appropriate range from the below images.

Combining performance with safety

When choosing a breathing filter it is important to consider all of the clinically relevant independent information which will allow you to make an evidence based decision on what is the most appropriate breathing filter for the protection and safety of your patients.

Intersurgical will be pleased provide you with independent documentation to verify the bacterial, viral and humidification performance of the complete range.

Reference 1: Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland 1996. Danish Society of Anaesthetists 1998. French Society of Anaesthetists 1998.

Push and twist safety feature

Our push and twist feature on our breathing filters, HMEs and HMEFs to our breathing systems or connectors creates a gas-tight, leak free fit for a safe and secure connection. 

Watch the video or visit the dedicated website page further information.

Watch the video   Visit the dedicated website page 


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